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Cuban Art

Cubaneo an instant escape from the beautiful city of Chicago to the island of Cuba. 
A friendly, fun, vibrant Restaurant that invites you to feast on a wide selection of
Cuban Food.

Cubaneo Features mouthwatering cuban sandwiches, classic paella valenciana, 48-hour roasted mojo pork, and hot & flaky guava pastelitos. Paired with our tropical cocktails
and strong cuban coffee. Using the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced, complemented with superb service! 


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Meet the Chef- Felix's relationship with food was defined early on by the fresh produce grown in his family’s backyard. He started to work in many regions of Spain; that's where his classical culinary talents began “Working at Colonial-styled kitchens meant that everything was done manually and all of the cooking was over a charcoal fire” He said.

Felix wanted to explore more, He traveled around Europe and worked in different fine dining restaurants, That’s where he perfected his talent and was inspired by the various styles of modern to classic cuisines. In the United States, He moved to Miami and that’s where he met his wife who’s from Cuba. 
From his knowledge of different cuisines, He got hired to manage various popular Cuban restaurants in Miami. Felix said "At his position my intention to immerse guests in a culinary journey of new flavors using ingredients fresh and local that reflects the cultural richness of Cuba and to raise awareness of the importance of using organic and sustainable products,"he added.

With many years of experience and combined with love of good food.  – So I created Cubaneo.

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